Sakuma Miyako (佐久間 Sakuya) is a character in the game Kirisame ga Furu Mori.


Sakuma is a middle school student, and has the petite figure to go along with one. Her hair is purple, matched with a red school uniform, white socks, and red sandal shoes. The ribbon she dons is green.

Her outfit throughout the game is her school uniform, most likely hinting that she doesn't have enough time to get home and change before heading to the museum.


With a bright, firey temper, Sakuma is one middle schooler not to be messed with. Her actions are always done with thought, yet she is also reckless, and her speech patterns show her off to be a very angry and passionate girl. She's got a sensible, extremely mature (almost unnaturally so) mind, and often expresses her opinions with no hesitation. Sakuma's very independent, but seems to grow on Shiori the more she speaks to her.



Sakuma and Shiori have a very sisterly relationship, Shiori playing the part of the mature elder, while Sakuma is given the role of intelligent youngster. The middle schooler requests help escaping a room, to which Shiori complies, and their relationship grows extraordinarily fast-- by the end of the game, Sakuma's labeled Shiori as 'onee-chan', Japanese for 'older sister', and seems very set-sure to keep her there with her.

Suga and Sakuma seem to have known each other before Shiori arrived at the museum, since she often visited and hid out there, likely annoying Suga since he works as a night guard and that would, you know, be a bit of a pest to deal with.


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