The Kotori Obake (子取りおばけ, Lit. 'Child-taking ghost') is said to be the vengeful spirit of a woman who turned into a monster. The identity of the woman is unknown, but she had a husband and child. The story goes that she was a thing of vast beauty, but she was eventually condemned to a life in the forest due to doing 'evil things' to the men in the village.

Later in the game, is revealed that she was victim of false accusations. The first 'Ogami-san' lusted after the Kotori Obake and framed her husband for a crime, and as the rules stated, the penalty was delivered to his family. Her live child was murdered and she was brought to a cell and repeatedly raped numerous times and eventually intentionally badly beaten whilst pregnant, killing the child inside of her and making her give birth to a stillborn baby, leading to some devastating mental trauma and sorrow; Eventually, she was trashed and killed.

Due to all of this, The Kotori Obake became an incredibly dangerous and vengeful demonic monster of a spirit, searching for children to fill the everlasting gap left in the place of her own children. Regardless of how many children she makes 'promises' with and kills, she is never satisfied, forever in pain and twisted grief until the true ending.


Her skin is pale enough to compare it to that of a corpse, and she mainly seen floating above the ground. The Kotori Obake is seen wearing a ragged and dirty kimono, stained with old blood; The material looks very worn. She has very dark and messy hair that is of a great length, and her eyes aren't visible under the bangs. It's possible that she simply has none. Doesn't seem to wear any sort of shoes.

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